Department: Arabic

Dr. Intisar Etbaigha

Dr Intisar Etbaigha was born and raised in Libya. She completed her university degree in the English language at Al-Tahadi University. In 2006 she was awarded her MA in translation studies (Arabic-English /English- Arabic), Libyan Academy. She moved to South Africa in 2013 to pursue her PhD which she successfully completed in 2018. She studied at the University of the Western Cape and did her PhD in the field of additional language teaching and learning. She worked at the Education faculty at UWC from 2018 -2020. She has actively engaged and presented at a number of local and international conferences and seminars. She represented the University of the Western Cape at workshops with themes such as teaching Arabic as a foreign language and the ESRRRC conference which focuses on MA and PhD students’ research. Dr Intisar has enrolled in many courses related to her professional development including but not limited to online teaching, teaching e-portfolio etc. She has been also busy attending Tajweed, prophetic biography and Tafseer classes as she believes that a true Muslim should always thrive to become a better Muslim. Her teaching philosophy is critical pedagogy and that each student can reach their full potential in their own way. Dr Intisar has recently joined the Madina team as a full-time lecturer of Arabic.

Imtiyaaz Isaacs al-Azhari

Shaykh Imtiyaaz Isaacs completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’an at Jamʿiyyat al-Qurra’ at the tender age of 11 years. He, thereafter, continued his studies & completed the Translation of the Holy Qur’an & Islamic Studies at Dar al-Naʿim. Having a thirst for knowledge Shaykh Imtiyaaz then travelled to Egypt where he studied at the prestigious Institute of Al-Azhar where he completed his primary school, high school & university studies at the institute. He majored in Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University. Whilst doing this Shaykh Imtiyaaz also studied under a number of renowned Scholars & has received sanad (authority) & ijazah (license of teaching) from Scholars around the globe including Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Mansura, Dusooq, Turkey & Jordan for the 10 & 14 Qira’at anomalous readings of the Quran & many other sciences. Qira’at and Usul Al Fiqh is his passion & he continues to teach its sciences. Shaykh Imtiyaaz Isaacs is a lecturer at Madina Institute teaching Arabic, Tajwid, Hadith & Usul Fiqh.

Ruwaida Ariefdien

Mualima Ruwayda Ariefdien studied at the FatimaTuz Zahra Institute and completed her degree at Dar Al Arqam. She then went on to receive her Honours in Arabic at the University of the Western Cape. She studied at Madina Institute in 2017. She is currently lecturing at Madina Institute South Africa in the subjects of Arabic, Hanafi fiqh, Tafseer and Hanafi usul fiqh.